Why kloudr?

We help you unleash the power of the Cloud and free your IT resources,

so you can focus on growing your core business.

Cloud and managed services are in ourDNA

kloudr is a multi-cloud managed service provider that caters to the IT infrastructure needs of clients in many sectors. We’ve been pioneers in managed services and are at the forefront of the migration to the cloud.

With a team of highly skilled experts, kloudr strives to be the premier choice for its growing base of clientele. We are keen on always providing our clients the highest quality of products and services as we constantly reinvent our strategies to cater to your company’s needs. Our end-to-end services aim to maximize security and increase profitability to unleash your company’s growth potential. 

Our Vision

to be the premier trusted provider of cloud managed services.

Our Mission

to empower our customers in their cloud transformation journey and help them enable, optimize, and secure their cloud presence.

Our Team

Featuring a team of seasoned professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience in providing high value managed services

kloudr brings together a team of highly experienced individuals who are driven by the passion and the commitment to take your business to new frontiers. Our team of experts aims to build a relationship based on trust and transparency in order to select the best solution for your business and optimize your opportunities.

Partners and Sponsors

kloudr has built strong partnerships with award-winning companies to provide its clients with complete solutions tailored to their specific needs.

kloudr customers will benefit from an infrastructure that meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. In addition, kloudr will implement and configure several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access:

  • Network firewalls, Network Access Lists, and web application firewall and control access to your infrastructure and applications
  • Customer-controlled encryption in transit with TLS across all services
  • Connectivity options that enable private, or dedicated, connections from your office or on-premises environment
  • Traffic encryption
  • Data encryption capabilities available in all types of storage and database services…
  • DDoS Protection: a combination of services may be used to implement a defense in depth strategy and prevent DDoS attacks
  • Monitoring and logging that enable kloudr’s support team to see exactly what is happening in the customer environment and inform your company whenever a suspicious activity is detected
  • Management of identity and access control to all cloud services

kloudr can help

Make the most of your technologies

Cloud Management

Our services manage your cloud presence with expertise that includes and is not limited to, servers, storage, network, security, applications, and cloud solutions.

Cloud Transformation

kloudr will select the right strategy, team, migration plan, and financial management methodology to accompany your company on its cloud migration journey.

Disaster Recovery

Our cost-efficient solutions will help your company plan ahead for any event considering all processes and procedures to mitigate any risk and ensure business continuity.

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