The pros and cons of cloud backup

The pros of cloud backup are very obvious. You have a less costly solution for an off-premises backup that you can go back to with minimal downtime. You also have a great way to secure your data and prevent unauthorized access to it. This alone makes it a great solution for numerous enterprises. Solutions like Apple iCloud are also great for regular consumers, because they let them save all their data in an offsite backup.

When it comes to the cons, the only one is that you need a fast and reliable internet connection. Not having one means that your backups could be slow. If you don’t have a usable connection, you can’t even access your them or back up your files. This is more or less the same with any cloud SaaS solution like AWS or Google Cloud, which is why most enterprises have a backup connection.

What is the best cloud backup?

The best cloud backup is one that is available when you need it. Our team at kloudr can ensure your data is safe and sound, and if something happens, you can go back to normal with minimal downtime. Rather than you managing everything, from encryption and monitoring to disaster recovery and scheduling, let our team take care of everything. Rest assured that if disaster strikes, your enterprise won’t be in danger.