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Cloud migration in the wake of the COVID pandemic

The COVID pandemic took the world by storm. The rapid transmission of the virus has caused entire populations to isolate themselves simultaneously and countries to take severe measures of confinements, lockdowns and social distancing. While this has initially started in 2020, it is set to continue at the dawn of 2022, as long as the virus is still posing a global health threat.

In order to ensure their continuity in this new norm, a big number of companies has had to resort to cloud migration to operate normally and sustain a level of business viability. This was equally done to accommodate new working models, as well as customer outreach and management.

Migrating to the cloud has plenty of benefits:

  • It’s more secure.
  • It keeps everything encrypted.
  • It is easily scalable.
  • It keeps the running costs down.

However, a lot of decision makers aren’t exactly keen on the idea of having their data somewhere they don’t have direct control over.

This is where cloud backup comes in.

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is a great SaaS strategy that keeps your data safe. But it’s not just that. Here’s what’s in it for you when you go for it:

Technically, whenever you’re using a lot of storage on your servers, having a backup of all of it can easily become a costly solution. You’ll need more servers and more storage in a completely different location, and you’ll be paying for their maintenance. And yes, a physical offsite backup is a good idea, but for many enterprises, it’s not usable. It’s too expensive and difficult to manage.

Having that backup in the cloud is a more secure solution. Your data is still safe and encrypted. It’s still on an offsite location, and you’re not buying servers nor storage space. You’re just renting them from your cloud provider. Not only is this much cheaper, but you’re also getting a full service that doesn’t require you to do much – everything is taken care of already. This is why big providers like Google Cloud and AWS and their servers are thriving nowadays and why even giants like Apple have cloud solutions.