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Cloud Backup

Data backups are one of the most critical business support solutions, they are also the most complex. kloudr Cloud Backup Solution can help bolster an organization’s data protection strategy without increasing the workload on information technology staff.

The kloudr Cloud Backup Solution combines smart software with cloud-scalable storage so the problems of tape standards and tape drive reliability are no longer blockers. The solution is inexpensive for the same reason, namely, that easy scalability means you only pay for what use when you use it.

The solution allows kloudr experts to centrally manage backup agent installs and upgrades, licensing, reporting, monitoring, and backup / restore jobs.

The kloudr Cloud Backup solution works on Windows and Windows Server, macOS, Linux, Office 365, G Suite, etc.. kloudr makes restoring data easy. Individual files and folders can be quickly restored from any type of backup (file, image, virtual machine). To bring a server back to life, kloudr Cloud Backup Solution  supports Bare Metal Restore (BMR) to the same, dissimilar hardware, virtual machine, or cloud computing instance.

The customer is in control of where their backups resides: whether it’s on AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle or on-premise, kloudr provides the customer the choice for the location of his data.