It’s easy to see why so many enterprises are moving the cloud lately. The possibilities for collaboration and boosting productivity are just great. To enable such collaboration, you need cloud-based productivity suites that work well for your needs and requirements and expectations.

What are cloud-based office productivity suites?

Cloud-based productivity suites exists virtually. You can access them from anywhere, regardless of whether you’re in the office, or at home, or even on vacation. All you need is permission to access the productivity suite, and you’re done.

These platforms and services allow you to take sharing and collaboration to a whole new level. They propose apps that let you remotely edit content in real time with your teammates or your client. It’s the perfect addition to cloud security management solutions.

And it’s not just collaboration on files. In many scenarios, you also get an email management system to use, too.

To further sweeten the pot, updates and software necessities are automatically deployed to the suite you’re using. This means you no longer need your IT department to handle everything.

Pricing is usually better compared to a hardware-based infrastructure. That is because you only pay what you really need to use, rather than paying for a whole solution but only using a small part of it.

Working with information on cloud-based office productivity suites

When you make use of cloud-based productivity suites from big players in the industry like Microsoft and Google, you’re looking at huge benefits for your enterprise.

Ability for collaboration

You can work together with your team on any file that’s supported within the suite. This entails real-time changes and the ability to add annotations and comments. It’s almost as if you’re writing on the same piece of paper. Only you don’t have to erase every time you make a mistake because it’s all digital. This ties in perfectly with the always appreciated productivity boost. It’s all about doing everything faster and better, and cloud apps allow that for you.


As a consequence of the pandemic, companies are now offering the ability for remote work, which is incredibly important. One of the selling points of cloud suites is that you can access anything, from anywhere. Even if your enterprise is located in Lebanon, you can easily collaborate with team members from across the world as if they were right next to you.

Enhanced synchronization

The chances of an online productivity suite not working as intended are minimal. Even if something happens, and you drop your connection to the file you’re working on, the file will be saved in its current state. So chances are you won’t lose anything. If you’ve ever had to deal with file corruption on a local drive, know this scenario doesn’t exist in cloud-based productivity suites.