kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-7 Key Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

If your enterprise or business isn’t using cloud managed services, you’re missing out. Everything today, including your business, runs on information. Without everything being managed as it should be, you’re sitting on a costly infrastructure that’s not as secure as it should be.

That being said, many people fail to see the benefits of something termed managed service and believe it’s just one more thing to manage that they shouldn’t be spending money on. Your organization shouldn’t be making that mistake, which is why we’ve decided to talk about the benefits of cloud managed services. When you’re done reading, you’ll know why the thing termed managed service is the way to go when you’re opting for cloud infrastructure.

First Things First – What Are Cloud Managed Services?

A cloud managed service is somewhat self-explanatory – it’s a service where you allow a third party to either partially or completely manage your entire cloud platform. This includes things like migration, such as from Google’s platform to AWS, optimization, and complete maintenance – essentially everything termed “enterprise cloud computing”. By utilizing a cloud managed service, you can ensure that your cloud resources are running efficiently, and you can avoid some of the hiring and training costs associated with AWS, Google, Microsoft, and other providers. If you aren’t sure you need it yet, here are a few benefits to consider.

Massive Savings

One of the major pros of what’s termed cloud managed services is the amount of money you’ll be saving. Cloud managed services have you outsourcing the costly management of your cloud-based infrastructure, which means that you don’t have to have an entire team in your organization that’s going to be there just to manage your cloud solution. When you outsource to a team of experts, your organization can focus on your business, and save money on what’s otherwise a costly investment.

To add to this, the monthly costs for maintenance are going to be the same month to month. You have a contract that dictates how much you pay the cloud management provider, and that’s the only monthly cost you’ll deal with. You don’t have to bother with calculating how much you’ve spent that month on cloud management, and that can be very costly.

Custom Service

Quality cloud management service providers are very flexible. This means that you’ll be getting managed services that are tailored to your enterprise or organization, and made to work specifically for your needs and purposes. If you’re using Google and their cloud storage, it’ll be optimized for that. If it’s AWS or Azure, the services will be optimized for those providers.

Also, a high-quality cloud managed services provider will oftentimes offer an all-in-one solution that does everything you need – it’s secure, offers plenty of functionality, and costs less than doing everything separately.

Fast Reaction

One of the main things that a managed services provider will get you is an incredibly fast reaction time if something goes wrong. This is an underestimated aspect because a lot of companies fail to understand that in many cases, a quick and efficient reaction is key to making sure things don’t go wrong.

When you’re working with a managed service, they have a dedicated team that’s well versed in exactly those kinds of emergencies, and they have a complete overview of all the services they manage for you. This means that they can deal with any issue that might arise before you even notice something is wrong.


If you opt for a quality managed services provider like kloudr, you’re looking at a managed cloud solution that’s built around services and tools that are easily scalable and upgradeable. When you need improvements down the line, a scalable solution means you’ll have them available for you at a moment’s notice. All it takes is for you to decide what kind of upgrades you need and how you’d like to scale your business – availability won’t be an issue.

Centralized Applications and Services

The beauty of managed services providers is that all their applications, tools, servers, and everything else are stored in a centralized data center that’s built to be secure and fast. For you and your employees, this means that all the services you’re using from that provider are designed to work from a single location. If you want to build something like additional storage, it’s all going to be one centralized network. This makes it easy to access things whenever they’re necessary because you have centralized availability for everything.

Robust Infrastructure

An oftentimes overlooked aspect of cloud managed services is having a provider with a robust infrastructure to keep things secure and allow for quick responses if something happens. This also enables the provider to be able to monitor and scan your network continuously without needing additional resources, so they know if something is happening that shouldn’t be and can respond quickly.

Disaster Recovery

Last but certainly not least, your cloud managed services as an enterprise are crucial to your company. If something were to happen to them, chances are that a fast recovery of all your data is essential. Cloud managed services will allow you to quickly and efficiently restore your data because regular, frequent backups and data availability are crucial in this kind of environment – and at kloudr, we fully understand the importance of keeping data secure.

Should You Go for Cloud Managed Services?

Yes, by all means. Not only do you get all the benefits we mentioned above, but you also get a full team at your disposal that’s ready to fill in any gaps in your cloud management. This will greatly improve the way your company operates, and you’ll be saving time and money by outsourcing things you don’t need to worry about.

And when you need a quality cloud managed services provider that will service all your needs, kloudr is what you need.