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Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) combines intranet software, collaboration tools, and social networking in an all-in-one leading digital workplace platform. G Suite enables everyone to work together from anywhere, anytime using advanced tools like Google Drive, Gmail and Hangouts within your business

With the Google Workspace Marketplace, you can even extend your company’s functionality with its seamless integration options. Giving your company a complete cloud infrastructure, Google Workspace will significantly lower IT costs.

Find files, search for colleagues, manage documents, communicate, socialize, or even schedule meetings and video calls on the go -all within a single platform. kloudr will help your organization get the most out of your Google Workspace, bringing productivity to the next level. From implementing Google for Business to building cutting-edge custom apps on the Google Cloud Platform, kloudr will transform employee and customer experiences with the power of Google.

Our team will leverage best practices, build strategic requirements, and rapidly deploy the Google Workspace platform, so your business can continue to grow, thrive, and find success with G Suite.


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