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kloudr’s Service Desk team acts as a center of excellence and knowledge for all managed services.

It is formed of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, with expertise that includes and is not limited to, servers, storage, network, security, applications, and cloud solutions.

Throughout the years, kloudr has developed clear and well-defined set of processes and procedures that are in-line with the industry standards and best practices including ITIL V3, PMP, ISO27001, among others. Quality Management and Information Security are built into the day-to-day operations and methodology through projects planning, documented processes, procedures, checklists, and performance reviews.

kloudr teams follow these processes to enable the Managed Services for every customer, and to provide those services during the contracted term, in the best possible way to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and 100% available customer infrastructure.

Why does your enterprise need cloud management?

We live in a world where moving to the cloud is one of the best things you can do for your enterprise. The infrastructure is a lot more secure, easier to automate and provision, and costing for optimal future scalability is a lot easier.

However, not every enterprise is well versed when it comes to cloud management solutions, which is why it’s very easy for them to get in over their head. It might seem like a matter of governance and management, but it requires a set of skills and experience and the knowledge to put them to use to make the most of it.

Whichever cloud infrastructure your enterprise relies on, cloud management services are something you need sooner rather than later. We offer a host of services in various locations:

  • Cloud management in the Middle East
  • Cloud management in North Africa
  • Cloud management in France
  • Cloud management in Lebanon
  • Cloud management in Qatar
  • Cloud management in Saudi Arabia


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