Whether your current infrastructure is physical using dedicated servers, VMWare, HyperV or others, kloudr’s cloud experts will help you migrate and run your IT workload between different infrastructures:

  • On-premise to any public cloud
  • Between different public clouds
  • Any public cloud to on-premise

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Our cloud experts are certified on all leading public cloud providers which is a unique position for the kloudr team to help securely and cost effectively migrate your workload to any cloud infrastructure. The team’s migration methodology ensures that the migration is done in a timely manner and with minimum downtime if any.

Our Cloud Migration process includes advising, planning, and migrating, a process that is given special attention at every step. Keeping in mind cost and performance our team will also guide your company through the selection of the appropriate cloud solution mix ensuring a stable and accurate cloud migration process.

A cloud migration solution will move part or all of the enterprise’s data center capabilities between various infrastructures. The big players tend to be Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, but there are other alternatives as well.

Nowadays, most, if not all enterprises have at some point considered a move to the cloud. It makes perfect sense for most of them because they can migrate and still keep all of their necessary functionality and every service they rely on intact.

However, it’s not the right move for every enterprise, because while the cloud is a lot more secure and more easily scalable, the costs of moving your business and every application within it is not something every enterprise or customer is prepared for.

Our team of cloud experts knows how to analyze your enterprise and its needs, and give you a recommendation on whether or not you do need to be considering cloud migration companies, or not. We currently offer cloud migration in various locations, including:

United States


United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia




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