With time, any business’s cloud environment can lose its initial performance state which may result in technical debt, a degraded security status, and undocumented one-off changed

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In order to maintain business efficiency, a company needs to ensure that its workload performance, compliance and costs are correctly and continually balanced against the best-fit infrastructure in real-time.

Kloudr can help your business evaluate its cloud environment, report critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect your cloud performance for maximum efficiency.

kloudr’s expert engineers will perform a deep analysis of your entire cloud infrastructure to identify improvements and recommend best practices. With kloudr’s rigorous cost optimization practices, you can achieve up to 30% ROI by reducing costs and improving efficiency. kloudr’s Cloud Optimization services include:

  • Identifying and eliminating unused resources on the cloud
  • Leveraging long term saving by instances reservation
  • Reducing the costs with automated scheduling (turn off some of the workload after hours)


How is cloud optimization achieved?


When you’re trying to get your cloud cost optimization under control, you want to manage every aspect of cloud computing to make sure you’re using every resource effectively.  You need to model and analyze each workload, including history and operational costs. Then, you want to combine the analysis with knowledge on what kind of cloud service options you have available. Is AWS the best choice, or do you need to opt for Azure? Both are secure but don’t offer the same benefits that your business can use. Once you have this settled, you can look into provision optimization that matches the workload to the service better. This kind of insight will help you make better decisions and innovate the solution you’re after.  Then, you need to focus on costing – this will grow exponentially as the infrastructure grows, and you want to stay on top of everything. For cloud optimization services that truly take advantage of every resource possible, you need to automate as much as possible within your workload – this reduces the amount of manpower you need for certain tasks, and consequently, reduces the cost of keeping everything running smoothly

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