kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-Should you migrate your applications to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is no longer about treading new waters. It has become the norm, and  something every sensible enterprise owner has at least considered at some point in the past couple of years. With the pandemic, the global confinements and lockdowns, it was the obvious decision for many companies to migrate workflows, processes, HR and customer data to the cloud, for an easier management and continuity of business operations. That being said, migrating to the cloud is about a lot more than just moving every database and file. It’s about refactoring and modernization of everything that you use within your enterprise, and that includes applications too. Although it is a move that could be complex, an expert can guide you through migrating your applications to the cloud depending on your enterprise and how intricate everything is.

The benefits of migrating legacy applications to the cloud are numerous, starting with having all your applications, every file and database, be hosted in a secure and modern IT environment, all while taking into account things like security, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

And when you pick the right service, you’ll be enjoying its benefits with things like better scalability, easier refactoring, and overall modernization of technologies that are slowly being phased out in favor of their better-optimized, less costly, and just as secure replacements. You’re looking at flexibility that you won’t get from on-premise infrastructure, and the ability to increase or decrease the resources you have at your disposal without reinvesting into a whole new architecture!

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