Google Workspace

Google has been around for a good while now, and it’s arguably the go-to for many enterprises. It uses online-only apps, which are very well optimized for browser usage. However, it comes at a performance cost compared to full-fledged desktop apps. The tools and apps are incredibly elegant and perform almost identically on any browser. They also come with excellent collaboration and revision tracking functionality.

Microsoft Office Professional

If raw power and functionality is what you’re after, Microsoft’s Office Professional is what you should be looking at. The suite includes access to desktop, mobile and online versions. You’ve also got an identical UI that’s remarkably easy, with a usage learning curve that’s almost non-existent. This is also the version of Office that you buy once, and you get a lifetime license for, which means no additional charges. The downside is that some of the automation features are tricky. Also, many features that are useful are hidden in menus within menus, making it difficult to navigate.

Microsoft 365

Yes, another Microsoft solution, 365 is the cloud-based subscription package by Microsoft. It comes with apps that are pretty much the same as the ones Office Professional has. The plus is that you always get the newest apps, rather than stick to one version for a lifetime. For an enterprise that wants to make use of new features without paying exorbitant prices, this makes a lot more sense. It is expensive, especially if you start looking into the big enterprise packages. However, if you need a powerful suite with zero compromises, it’s very much worth it.

Do you need a cloud-based suite?

Cloud-based suites have zero compromises or downsides when compared to regular suites. When you take that into consideration, you have no reasons not to consider them for your business. True, it might seem like a costly investment. However, the ability to collaborate from anywhere and the productivity boost are going to make them worth that investment.

If you’re looking for something lightweight, you could probably go for Google Workspace. But if you want power, both Microsoft Office Professional and Microsoft 365 are services to go to. It’s your call, but cloud-based productivity suites are definitely the way to go.