kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-Why do you need cloud backup?

Disaster recovery

Data is the oil of the digital age. It is what entire businesses are built on. If it’s lost or deleted, consequences could be catastrophic for any business. Accordingly, it needs to be properly saved, secured and backed up. One way to do this is to have internal servers where backups happen regularly. But if a flood or a fire happens, your servers and data can be lost in a matter of seconds.

That is why you need to keep your data safe offsite. With cloud backup, your data will be saved from a few moments after it’s created, and no disaster can ruin it.

No more manual backups

Manual backups are time-consuming, especially if you’re not doing them regularly. With cloud backup, you’ll have your data stored automatically, minutes after creation. There is no way for you to forget some important file, or erase it.

Automatic backup gives your IT plenty of time to focus on other important things. Make sure you choose a 24/7 automatic backup, to preserve your data throughout the day.

Fast data restore

When you need your data quickly, it should be readily accessible. Cloud backup allows you to restore files in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting hours to get them.

Enhanced security

Security is a really important component for all companies. Imagine if there was a security breach in a hospital or a bank. The data will be at risk of being exposed, meaning that thousands of people may see their personal information being misused.

Such a scenario must not happen under any circumstances. For that purpose, cloud backup has a really strong defensive. It is nearly impossible to break through it.