kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-ZoHo Mail: The Ultimate Guide to Integrated Business Communication

Business communication is tough. Email is convenient, but it’s also the most inefficient form of communication. It’s time to change that! With ZoHo Mail, you’ll have everything you need for efficient business communication. 

ZoHo Mail provides you with one place to create messages, see them in full context without any distractions or formatting problems, collaborate with others at the same time as they’re working on their own messages (or even edit each other’s work), invite people to be part of shared conversations around specific topics, and professionally archive every message for future reference – all from within a single account. 

For those looking to provide additional value to their communication, we’re more than thrilled to announce we have partnered with Zoom, the leading video communication platform to ensure you make the most out of the technologies you are using in your daily life. 


What is ZoHo Mail?

Also referred to as ZoHo email, Zoho Mail is an online web-based email service that provides you with a powerful mail tool. With the security and reliability of an industry leader behind the product, attention to technical details, ease of use, and scalability, ZoHo Mail is a perfect complement to any company’s digital communication assets.

If your business needs to manage a secure email for its daily correspondence across geographically diverse offices or departments, and if you need to keep vital attachments encrypted locally in case there’s ever a major data breach – then you need something good. 


Why use ZoHo Mail?

ZoHo Mail was designed for people who don’t want to worry about their personal information being at risk when they are online. The security structure of ZoHo Mail ensures that each account has its own private encryption key. This way, messages can be encrypted before sending them and only the recipient will be able to decrypt them because they have their own private key. In a nutshell, this means spam filters cannot read the contents of any emails sent through the service and all conversations remain confidential.


How to Set Up a ZoHo Mail Account

It’s so simple that there are only a few steps to it:

  1. You need an account that is not used for other purposes – use your personal email account.
  2. Pop in the URL and click on create ZoHo Mail 
  3. Fill in the requested information and wait until you get confirmation from ZoHo. They may also ask if you want to activate “email forwarding” or not – this will forward all emails from your old account to Zoho Mail automatically! It’s better if you click ‘yes’ because this prevents emails from being missed or stored unread on the old program even if you no longer have access to that email address. 


How to Send Messages and Attachments in ZoHo Mail

There are three ways you can manage sending a message on ZoHo Mail:

  1. Compose Mode: To launch compose mode, click the wheel icon in the bottom right corner of your mail view. Choose a contact from your list and begin typing their name or email address in the ‘To:’ field near the top of the screen.
  2. Attachments Mode: Clicking this button when composing a new message will give you access to attach any attachments to that message. 
  3. Conversation Mode: Emails which are a part of the same conversation can be grouped together making it one complete conversation. Click the ‘Summary’ row, stack these emails in the preview pane, while leaving ‘Unread’ email opened. 


How to View Message History in ZoHo Mail

Viewing message history will work with both the email and calendar app functions of ZoHo Mail. If you’re attempting to read a message in your Inbox, Open it > Select Options > View Message History. Once visible, view ‘Drafts’ to quickly review any messages in process as well. The easiest way to do this is on the desktop: 

  1. Navigate your cursor over the bottom left corner up arrow 
  2. Click ‘View’ 
  3. For Mail & Calendar, click ‘Messages.’ 
  4. On the top navigation bar at the top of this screen under ‘Drafts’, select ‘Show All Drafts’ and then you should be able to distinguish drafts already sent from those unsent.


How to Customize Your Inbox View with Filters and Folders in ZoHo mail

ZoHo Mail has some excellent features to help you manage your inbox and settings, including customizing your notification preferences and creating email rules. You can customize what types of emails you want notifications for (email, social updates, chat messages) – in the ‘Notifications’ drop-down menu. 

You can also set up new filters to automatically file new messages coming into your inbox. Choose a specific email account and choose a category the message will appear in when filed – don’t worry about it not being already created because once you pick one it’ll create it automatically – how sweet!


What are the Benefits of an Integrated Business Communication System

  1. Increased customer satisfaction due to fewer downtime interruptions from communication-related problems.
  2. Extended reach for accurate, fast messages sent by push and unicast communications that happen regardless of internet connectivity. 
  3. Elimination of wasted time, effort, and lost productivity due to wrong numbers or addresses in contact lists; contacts saved within the system can be automatically geocoded at point of entry with their associated phone number and address details retrieved whilst performing other user management tasks such as address book maintenance.
  4. Enhanced ability in emergencies when radio systems may not function or might not be set up using mobile radios or telephones depending on the probability that these systems will work during a power outage.


How to Integrate ZoHo Mail With Other Apps, Such As Slack and Google Drive

Besides enjoying awesome features, you can quickly and easily integrate ZoHo Mail with other apps, such as Slack and Google Drive. To set it up for the first time, log in to your mailbox, head to Settings → E-mail Protocols → Set Up E-mail Client. You’ll find a list of secure protocols to choose from. 

Select which program you would like to receive emails on – we recommend Google Drive for ease of operation. Next, you need to supply your login credentials for that account so Zoho Mail can connect securely with it – if you want all new email notifications sent there, just put “true” in the “Send email notifications here” box. Save these settings by clicking on ‘Submit Changes’ at the bottom of this page under the ‘Save’ button.

For any question related to this topic or our services, reach out to us. We have offices in the USA, France, UAE, Qatar and Lebanon. The contact information can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.