kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-ZoHo Mail in Qatar: The Perfect Integrated Business Communication Tool

There are many email tools available to business professionals. Most of them, however, only allow for communication with one other party at a time. ZoHo Mail is different in that it seamlessly integrates with all your existing apps and allows you to do everything, including scheduling meetings, sending messages, and editing documents right within the interface. It’s also got an awesome calendar feature so you can see when everyone on your team is busy! 

What would happen if I could work smarter? If my inbox was more organized? What if I had better collaboration features? That’s where ZoHo Mail comes in! If you are looking to use ZoHo Mail in Qatar, you will find all the information about this incredible business communication tool in the article below.


What is ZoHo Mail?

ZoHo Mail is an email service that works across all platforms and devices. It enables users to send, receive, and search for emails on just about any device they want. ZoHo Mail can be accessed via a wide range of browsers, mail clients (such as Mozilla Thunderbird), operating systems, and mobile devices. 

The ZoHo Mail app is available for iOS or Android to make it easier to find your favorite highlighted messages when you are away from your desk or home office. In that way, ZoHo Mail hones in on its claim of being “Your Hardware-Independent Home” for work communications such as emails!


Why Use ZoHo Mail?

ZoHo Mail is an email app that has been designed using the latest technology to provide better features and improved security. Did you know that your standard SSL encryption does not protect you from emails being intercepted at the ISP level? With ZoHo Mail, this is no longer a concern. In contrast to other email apps, their proprietary data transfer system uses secure channels all the way from the sender’s device to the recipient’s device. 

This allows ZoHo to encrypt messages coming in or out of ZoHo without any modification of your hardware whatsoever. Email should be private, and ZoHo gives you the tools you need for total control over your message history by providing encrypted storage on our servers for up to 365 days.


How to Set Up a ZoHo Account

The account is easy to set up – all one needs is an email and password. For Zoho CRM, for instance, a company would need an email address that they have rights to, then create a name for the organization (such as “ABC Company”), and assign it admin rights. A person would log in with their individual username only if delegated into this company account. The signup process takes less than 10 minutes! 


Messages and Attachments in ZoHo Mail

Install Zoho, and sign up for a trial if you need to. Select ‘Mail’ and then ‘Compose New Message’ on the left menu. When the message opens, type your recipient’s email address in the “To” field and hit send.

Once it pops up as sent, you are now ready to add an attachment! For Outlook, go to File > Add Tasking > Insert Attachment. Office 365 users can use Office Tab extension for Google Chrome to save attachments at will directly from cloud storage services such as OneDrive or Gmail without having to open emails or applications installed on your computer first. Now head back to your message in Zoho, click on the Attachments tab at the top of the menu bar, and find what you need. 


View Message History in ZoHo Mail

Zoho Mail won’t let you view your old messages, but what you can do is install a Zoho Mail app on your iPhone or Android device and log in. As long as the app is installed, the emails will be there when you send them to mobile devices. Review installed apps to check if you have one for Zoho Mail. If not, download one! After that, you will easily be able to view your message history within ZoHo Mail and find whatever you are looking for. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate the cursor over the bottom left corner up arrow
  2. Click on the ‘View’ icon
  3. For Mail & Calendar, click on the  ‘Messages’ icon
  4. Under ‘Drafts’, select ‘Show All Drafts’ and voilà


Customize Inbox View with Filters and Folders in ZoHo mail

ZoHo Mail lets you organize your mail as needed by filtering and sorting. You can also save emails into a folder for later use–this is perfect for store notifications, signed forms, or any other documents that you want to keep handy but not in your inbox. 

To do this, just drag the email from the opened list of emails (the list on the left) over to an already-existing folder (on the right). As long as there’s currently no open message with that sender name attached, then it will automatically go to that folder. 


Benefits of an Integrated Business Communication System

An integrated system enables you to deliver a unified experience across all channels and devices. It reduces costs because it is one central hub that can handle everything including traditional phones, social channels, and texting. And, it saves customers’ time with quick and easy ways to find what they need so they spend less time on hold or jumping between different channels. 

Although some companies do stand out in their use of specific technologies (voice recognition for customer service, live chat for instant issue resolution), the reality is that most people want the same thing: an all-in-one solution where they can find information quickly, interact with others both inside and outside of the business, and know that this conversation will be secured. 


Integrate ZoHo Mail With Other Apps, Such As Slack and Google Drive

Besides immersing yourself in impressive features, you can easily integrate ZoHo Mail with your other favourite apps, such as Slack and Google Drive. To set it up, just log in to your mailbox, go to Settings → E-mail Protocols → Set Up E-mail Client. In there, you will find a list of secure protocols to choose from. 

Choose which program you would like to get emails on – we would suggest Google Drive for its simplicity. Next, you will need to provide your login credentials for that account so that ZoHo connects securely with it. If you want all of your new email notifications sent there, just put “true” in the “Send email notifications here” box. Save these settings by clicking on ‘Submit Changes’ at the bottom under the ‘Save’ button. 

For any questions related to this topic or our services, reach out to us. We have offices in the USA, France, UAE, Qatar, and Lebanon. Contact information can be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.