kloudr|Multi Cloud Managed Service Provider-Zoom Meetings: The Perfect Video Communication Solution

Are you looking to make your meetings more personalized without wasting your valuable time? If so, Zoom meetings are your perfect video communication solution. With Zoom, you can easily brainstorm the next marketing campaign with your team, have sales meetings with your potential clients, or simply show off your new haircut. Loved by all businesses across the world, both small and big, this platform offers endless possibilities and is incredibly easy to use.

We are happy to share that Kloudr has partnered up with Zoom to provide you with an integral, efficient way of communication that will skyrocket your business!


What is Zoom?

Simply put, Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows you to enjoy bigger, better team meetings from any location. With Zoom’s unlimited meeting rooms and audio-conferencing capabilities, you can have a large group discussion with anyone in the world while letting Zoom take care of everything—from setup and sound quality to screen sharing and recording.\

Zoom also makes it easier for those who are not on the call to see what’s happening. Their HD video technology includes live streaming as well as conference recording options which will capture every detail of your meeting—without worrying about extra storage space or failed connectivity issues like those experienced with conventional video conferencing.


How Does Zoom Work? 

Zoom is an innovative video conferencing solution with high bandwidth, a variety of calling features, and instant sharing capabilities. Zoom is HIPAA compliant and offers video conferencing for conference calls or interviews.

Zoom keeps everyone on the call in perfect sync by utilizing selective screen sharing to keep you face-to-face even for large groups or remote participants. If someone starts typing in text chat, their message will show up on everyone’s screens so no one misses a word of the conversation. When it’s time to share documents, videos, or pictures, just click a button and your screen instantly turns into a shared collaboration space where anyone can contribute–no need to go back and forth emailing attachments. As a video tool, rest assured that its high resolution won’t disappoint you either.


How to Set Up Your First Zoom Meeting

First things first, you will need to download the Zoom app on your desktop computer or laptop. Create your own account with an email and password of your choice, and then follow the simple instructions on how to set up the account. Make sure you configure accessibility features before jumping into your first meeting. 

Once you have set up your account, you will see these options in the main menu:

  • Start a meeting – If you’re planning to host a meeting and want other participants to join your Zoom room, you will need to start a meeting to send an invitation link. 
  • Join a meeting – If you are joining a meeting by responding to someone’s invitation, use their Zoom Room ID to join the meeting.
  • Schedule – Use this feature to schedule a meeting with your teams, partners, and clients by sending them invitations.
  • Share screen – Besides video conferencing, Zoom also allows you to share your screen with the call participants, which can be quite useful during presentations, sales calls, or Zoom interviews.


How to Integrate Google Calendar With Zoom

If you wish to schedule a meeting from Google Calendar, you will need to sign in to the Google Calendar app. There, you will tap the ‘plus’ icon and Event. Click on ‘Add video conferencing’ and select Zoom meeting. Automatically, Google Calendar will add Zoom meetings to your meeting details in the app. 


How to Send Invitations From Zoom

You can save the Zoom meeting URL to your Gmail or Outlook contacts and then send invitations one at a time. This method doesn’t require filling out an email template with CCs and BCCs. Email invitations are best for intimate meetings or events where all recipients know each other. The Zoom link will automatically undo if it is forwarded or copied in its entirety into another app – there’s no need to worry about privacy.

If you’re looking for a quicker way of inviting people to your Zoom Room, you can easily just copy your meeting URL and share it with those you are inviting. Once they click on the link, they can either sign in with their account or join by entering their name for the meeting. 


How To Share Screen On Zoom

First, you will need to open your Zoom app and either start or join the meeting. When in the meeting, you will notice a toolbar below the video, and an option called ‘Share Screen’. Click on it and choose what you want to share with the participant(s). Once you’ve chosen, they will be able to see your screen and when you navigate through it.  


Tips for Running a Successful Zoom Meeting

1) Choose a good time for your team to be on Zoom. It’s always best if there is a time during the day where everyone can have an opportunity to speak and interact with one another, like morning, lunchtime, and late afternoon time zones

2) Use your chat as a place where people can ask questions or share their concerns without interrupting the speaker

3) Ask one person to take notes and share them after the meeting in an email

4) Create a meeting agenda and share it with all the participants before the meeting starts

5) Leave time for a Q&A at the end of the meeting to make sure everyone understands what is required of them 


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